Seo on youtube to rank # 1

Seo on youtube

Friends, As you know SEO(Search engine optimization) is the best method to rank videos on youtube or whether articles on google. I am going to tell you the real secret of how you will rank your videos on top of youtube as I do. As your video goes on top you will grow your business, get more sales and make more money. Internet is a big philosophy if you understand it you will also enjoy working on the internet.

Let's get started,

The idea is very simple, There are three steps to rank your videos on top of Youtube.

1. Keyword research.

2. Video optimization.

3. Boost video and track ranking.

Keyword Research:

First, I will tell you how to do keyword research, I personally use two websites for keywords research.

1. H-Super tools. 

2. Ahrefs.

I attach the image so, you easily know how to choose keywords.

H-Super tools

As you can see I take the keyword "Online business from scratch'', this keyword has a search volume of 1k per month and difficulty with Low competition so, it's the perfect keyword to make video and rank. Remember one thing, if you are a small youtube then always choose difficulty with low competition keywords but if you are a big YouTuber then you can choose difficulty with medium or high competition keywords. 

There is one more tool that will make it easier for you to choose keywords called "Ahrefs".


 As you can see I choose the same keyword but in this tool, you can also search for the specific country as I search for "United States". Green colour means low competition and other colours mean high competition so, it's better to choose the green colour keyword to rank on youtube.

Now, it's time to create a video, if you have already uploaded videos on youtube then it's ok ut if you didn't then it's best because you already know how to choose keywords for SEO on youtube. we all know it's 2021 and technology changes with time. whenever you make a video always use keywords of your video in the video because according to people it helps to grow video o youtube and the second one create an awesome intro of your video so when anyone opens your video then he will stick to it. your video until the end. but if you already made it then you have to do three things. Title, description and thumbnail are very important for SEO on youtube. I think you forgot something tags but in today's world tags are not very much important.

The best way to write a title is to write keyword first and then something eye-catching. For Example: "Seo on youtube to rank No 1"."Seo on youtube" is my keyword but others are something eye amaze.

Now, Description. write a good description of your video and highlight your man keyword in the description so it will help youtube to rank.

Thumbnail, Canva is the best way to create thumbnails. sign up canva and start making amazing thumbnails, canva gives you suggestions and also already made thumbnails you just have to enter your keyword. sp, canva is best for thumbnails.

Now, It's time to Boost video and track ranking. 

How you can check where your video is on youtube. open your browser and open the "new incognito" tab and then open youtube and search your keyword on youtube. It's a free method but if you want to check on a high level then you have to buy "tube buddy". Tubebuddy is the number 1 platform for YouTubers to check their ranking and many more.

Share your video to every social media platform that you have because it will work as a backlink and traffic generator for you.


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