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 Freelancing tips

               8 golden tips for New Freelancers

I am going to tell you today 8 golden tips that are very important for every new freelancer, so read carefully and become successful.

1. How we get paid.

2. Create a portfolio for your work.

3. Creat tutorials.

4. Communication skills.

5. Don't provide service free.

6. Care yourself.

7. Promote your gig outside freelancing.

8. Patience.

How we get paid:

How we get paid

There are many people I personally know who said how we get paid if we can get the order and from that point of view they can't even start their freelancing career. some people say our country has no PayPal access so what do we do. don't take tension about that just focus on improving skills and taking orders because there are thousands of ways to get paid. one of the most popular is Payoneer.com, go to Payoneer and make your account and you will get paid. Payoneer also has their card but if you want to make money from Payoneer to a bank account they also allow you to convert to a bank account so don't worry and focus on taking orders.

Create a portfolio for your work:


Never start your freelancing if you don't have a portfolio on your website.

What portfolio means?

A portfolio means a website where you publish your work. it is very important because you are a beginner, why did someone give you an order?

If you have a portfolio you can tell everyone this is my work and when someone saw you're they will your good reviews and orders, so it is a must to make a portfolio first if you want to succeed in your freelancing career.

Creat tutorials:


Make youtube videos, believe me, it will succeed you too early. make a video of your service and publish it on youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and every social media account but most on youtube. people will contact and ask you for help and I know some big freelancers who did the same way I am telling you, youtube also get monetized when you can complete their requirements of 4000 watch time and 1000 subscribers, so don't waste time and start making tutorials and become successful in your freelance career.

Communication skills:

Communication skills

Communication skill means English skill because in today's world he most spoken language is English and if you talk good English you will get more clients. if a client asks you for a small zoom class then at least you know how to communicate with him because if you don't know you will lose your job and succeeding in this field is impossible. I am not talking about professional English but an English that anyone can understand.

Don't provide service free:


Most of the people why I said that but it is important because your effort and lots of day and night are important. always provide services paid but sometimes it is better to provide service with discount but now free. you already making videos for them free on youtube so value your content, your efforts, and yourself.

Care yourself:

Care yourself

Make a good setup for yourself, I mean a good laptop or computer, chair, internet and many more. Because your health is more important than money. do some exercise daily and don't sit all the time on the chair because it will pain in your neck or back so choose your chair good.

Promote your gig outside freelancing:


Promote your gig and profile outside Fiverr, Upwork because in 2021 things work differently. it is very important to promote because it will give you clients quickly and personal client, share it on your social accounts. As I say make your website from which you can sell your services so it's a big process. take stairs and do it and become champion of freelancing.



Patience is the key to success. when you start a job you will need the patience to become on top. but if you become patient in your work you will become your own boss. online because take time and you have to be patient if you want a big career and online business.


The conclusion is simple, you need to take stairs in life if you want to become successful because there is no shortcut. there is hard work and patience. Apply these all 8 golden tips for new freelancers in your career and watch yourself grow.

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