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 finding a profitable niche

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Finding a profitable niche is not difficult, for me, I think it is very easy to find a niche for the blog, those people who just started blogging are worried about which niche is best for them.

one of the best ways to make money online is to start blogging, most people decide that they start blogging  but they don't know what niche they have to choose or what niche gives them a high profit, 

I have many e-mails people asking what niche I should choose?

in this article, I share with you my experience and how I choose my niche.

Before i tell you how to select a niche, lets remind and i tell you what is niche really is?

Niche is not a topic you are writing it is also shares valuable content, people find it helpful when they read it and also you can share related things to that topic.

My Experience:

when I started blogging I choose only one niche (freelancing) and work hard on it, it will help me to rank fast on google and when i get traffic then I also write articles related to that ( affiliate marketing, blogging, etc).

Your Choice: 

If you are starting blogging you have to choose only one niche because it will help you to rank fast on google and get traffic to your website and after some time you have to write topics related to that and make your website more informative.

Only one niche:

When you write about only selected niche you will target a specific audience, when anyone open that website they find content only about one niche so they tell their friend and people who are interested that this man is specialized in this topic and in this website all about that topic.

Go Further:

never stick to one niche go to other topics when you get traffic and you think not your website is growing and automatically generate traffic.

Now you are asking me just stop and give us some ideas on how I start this.

don't worry I am going to tell you now:

Good Niches:

1: Book reviews.

2: Affiliate Marketing.

3: Sports

4: teaching.

5: Food.

6: email marketing.

 Book Reviews:

write book reviews on that website at starting, that doesn't mean you just write wrong information first you have to read about that book and then write an article on that, do this for one year that writes reviews on the book than expend it and also share books covers sell through affiliate marketing and talk about best books many more.

Affiliate marketing:

affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online, we don't need to spend we just need to join affiliate programs and share their products or links and when people use their things from your links you get a commission, but you also have to write articles on that ( how to start Affiliate Marketing?) ( how much we earn from affiliate marketing?) and many more articles. this is not difficult to find topics just focus on one niche and start blogging.


we all love sports and we know how much people watch sports so it is so easy to write articles if you are sports addicted, talk about Football(Messi, Ronaldo and their goals teams reviews, game reviews) similarly with cricket, hockey, basketball and many other.
what you are waiting for pick your niche and start blogging and earn money.


Teaching is also a niche, if you are a physics teacher you tell people about your topics in the article and solve people's problems same with maths, chemistry, etc . and also expend it after some time.


Talk about food( healthy food, how to lose weight etc) it is also a very trending niche and people are writing so much about this.

email marketing:

This is also one of his kind people are making so much money from this niche and after some time people start Affiliate Marketing on that niche because many websites provide Affiliate programs om email marketing and they get to benefit from this but if you choose that niche you have to get good knowledge about that field.

There are many niches that still have low competition but high in searches, you have to find it start your blogging website, and start earning money. 

and it is the easiest way to start making money and start your business, I also started this business 3 years ago and I get to experience from this and I now share this with you.

One thing to keep in mind that you have to choose that niche in which you are interested because if you choose that niche you already know what you write and what is important in this.

but if you choose another topic that you are interested in you don't have to worry.

search about that topic and get information and write articles about that and write articles minimum 700 words.


The conclusion is that select only niche first and works on it and when you get traffic expand that niche and write articles related to that niche also and select that niche in which you are interested, write good content and minimum of 700 words choose a good title that is in low competition but high search.

write about what people are expecting and give them valuable knowledge, not faking them by getting wrong knowledge and keep up the hard work.

hope you get, what you are finding

Thank you❤

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