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               Affiliate program amazon

In this article, I will tell you in detail about the Affiliate program on amazon.

1: What is Amazon?

2: What is an Affiliate program amazon?

3: How to Sign up on Amazon?

4: Account Information.

5: Website and mobile app list.

6: best amazon affiliate products.

7: Amazon affiliate link.

8: Can I promote amazon affiliate links on social media?

9: Amazon affiliate commission rate.

10: Amazon affiliate requirements.

Now we'll start this amazing article hope you get all information you are looking for.


Amazon is the best and largest sailing platform in the world, Jeff Bezos is the Founder of Amazon.

On Amazon, there are millions of products waiting for you to buy.

People trust amazon blindly because they are the best in business and also some other platforms like, Shareasale, and Click bank but Amazon is the best of all.

affiliate program amazon

What is an affiliate program amazon?

This is the best affiliate program so far in this world. people from all over the world earn a lot of money from this program for consistent work and now you have time to earn money. You just have to do is to join the affiliate program amazon and share their product links and when anyone but anything from your shared link you get a commission. Don't worry I will tell you how you choose a product and how to share and each and everything.

 How to Sign up for the affiliate program amazon?

It is not difficult to join an affiliate program, people think that to join an affiliate program you have needed many things and people think who don't know about technology do not get access to this program. In this article, I tell you how to sign up on the affiliate program amazon.

Account Information:

Account Information is one the main thing in affiliate account amazon
here you get full information about Account information.

Website and Mobile App list:

You need a website if you want to join this affiliate program but don't worry I will tell you a simple way to make a website.

There are two common ways to make a website.

1: WordPress.

2: Blogger.

If you are a beginner and you don't have money to invest so it's a better option to choose a blogger because it is free.

Go to Blogger and make your website about anything and if you want to become a professional affiliate marketing expert then I advise you to make an affiliate website.

Best Amazon affiliate products:

The question arises how do we know which products are trending and which products people buying? It is the main point if you get it you know the secret of blogging.

First of all, choose the product which is trending. Go to google and write amazon best sellers USA (India, UK) then find which products are most in demand.

Amazon bestseller the USA looks like this:

amazon bestseller usa

Now you have to do is choose your category on the left-hand side, let's suppose I choose Computers and accessories.

computers and accessories

As you see there best sellers in computers and accessories. Pick the first one because this product is most in selling.

best deals

First, you have to check if this product is available or not and if this product is available then check people's reviews about these products and also their stars after checking all these things share its link. from starting I advise you to sell kindle e-books because they are highly in demand all the time.

Some products high in demands:

1: Mobile covers.

2: pet vintage rugs.

3: vintage rugs.

4: ear pads.

5: car tools.

6: books.

7: masks.

8: Sanitizers.

9: Gardening tools.

10: football toes.

11: shoes.

12: socks.

13: Makeup accessories.

14: lady dresses.

15: men's shirts.

16: Bluetooth.

17: amazon cards.

18: ladies' bags.

19: bed sheets.

20: gym equipment.

Amazon affiliate link:

Now I knew that you are thinking about how I get the link to this product, no problem I tell you here with a proper pic.

amazon affiliate link

As you see above in first-line words (get the link) click there and further I will tell you from the pic.

amazon affiliate link

First, click on the short link and then copy it and paste it where you want. when anyone comes from that link and buys something you get a commission.

Can I promote amazon affiliate links on social media?

Yes, you are why not everyone is sharing their affiliate links on social media and earning a lot of money.
the easiest way to share your product link on social media is:

Can I promote amazon affiliate links on social media

As you can see they give you an option to share your links on social media ( I highlighted the part in red color as you see above).

Amazon affiliate commission rate:

Their rates are not fixed on some things they give you high commission and on something very low so you have to choose that kind of niche that has good commission rates.

There highest commission rate is 5%. 

Amazon affiliate requirements:

1: Email.
2: Mobile number.
3: Payment account.
4: website.
5: social media accounts.
6: valid information 
7: The first sale in 6 months is mandatory.

Now I think you get all information you are looking for, you have to work hard if you want to succeed in your field of life, I also suggest that you have to make your youtube channel because it is the best way to get a lot of traffic every day.

affiliate program amazon is the program that changes your life if you work hard continuously for about 2,3 months, I guarantee you you will get a commission at a very high rate and also there are many high paid programs, you also have to check that programs because they give very commission rates of about $100 on every sale.

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