Affiliate Marketing without a website in 2021

 Affiliate Marketing without a website

  Affiliate marketing without a website in 2021

affiliate marketing without a website to earn money online, people are working and made millions of dollars from affiliate marketing

I see people asked it is possible to start affiliate marketing without a website?

the answer is simple and it's a big yes. I am going to tell you the best ways to do this

But I recommend you to build your website in the near future because if you earn $1000 in a month through affiliate marketing you earn $5000 a month or more from the website.  but here the topic is how to start affiliate marketing without a website?

Best 4 methods to promote your affiliate links and start earning money:

1: Social Media

2: Ads

3: forums

4: youtube

Start with the best and most common method to do affiliate marketing

Social Media:

Social Media

Social Media means Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. 
what you have to do is build your traffic in these social media accounts by following and through other methods after building traffic you have to share your affiliate links to your social media and when anyone comes from your social media and buys something you get a commission.



We all know about Facebook because it is very famous. if you want to earn long-term from affiliate marketing make your Facebook page and engage people on your page and share links to your page, it benefits you in two different ways. 

1: your affiliate marketing earning.

2: Facebook pays you when you fulfill their requirements of views. 



In Instagram, it is a bit different from Facebook because I think it is easier to get followers on Instagram but they don't allow to share affiliate links until your followers go to 10,000 it's their requirement so work hard and get 10,000 followers and start earning money.



Pinterest is also a good way to do affiliate marketing, in Pinterest you have to create your pin and share same as other social media accounts.

and the last one is Linkedin



Linkedin is the same as Facebook but it is also one more feature of writing an article, if you want to write detail about your product they give you a good platform to do it and putting affiliate links in it.



We all know what is ads, if you don't know don't worry I will tell you.

Ads mean to ell your service on the internet to all over the world.

how ads work?

we pay google to start running ads on our choices keywords, they have the criteria to run ads, if you pay them for 1 week they will run ads for one week and fulfill the commitment according to their ads policies.

Running ads is the best way to sell your product, just you have to do past your affiliate links and run ads but we all know paying for affiliate marketing we all don't like, but if you invest some money you will succeed early.

This is the second way to do affiliate marketing without a website in 2021.



Forum is another way to sell your products online by affiliate marketing.

what is the forum?

Forum is a platform we are not the owner, every big website has an option of the forum, you just have to go to the forum area and start writing your article and then paste your affiliate links.

How to find forums on other websites?

It is very easy to find forums areas in other websites, just go to google and write a forum and with your Niche, you will get forums everywhere.

so it's very easy just to focus on articles and affiliate links.

I have an idea I will tell you one website with a forum and make it easier for you.

The website's name is h-educate, search on google you will get him.

The owner of the website is Hassan Abdul Hasan a very kind man. 

This is the third way to do affiliate marketing without a website in 2021.



Youtube is the most prominent way to do affiliate marketing, most people do it with youtube. youtube just launched its new platform called youtube shorts and make it easier affiliate links, you just have to make a short video of the product of 15,20 seconds and paste your affiliate links in the description and the good thing is youtube promoting shorts videos very quickly, so it is the perfect time to do affiliate marketing on youtube.

Make videos continuously and you will see your videos will rank quick, make 7,8 a day, and upload them without a description and tags.

Just write the title and end with #shorts, this is protip. I will write it don't worry.

just like this "Best Motivational quotes #shorts" and then upload it.

but don't forget to add an affiliate link in the description.

when you grow with shorts then add full videos and complete your watch time and also start earning with Google Adsense.

This is the fourth way to do affiliate marketing without a website in 2021.


Overall, we have to do affiliate marketing so it is better to choose good products which are trending and people are searching, sell your products with people's minds. 

Focus and start working today because tomorrow never comes, get up early and start and become the most successful person in the world.

watch dreams in good but completing these dreams is amazing.  

I hope I cover all your problems and clear them, now go to the marketplace and start, success is waiting for you.

Thank you.


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