What to think about before sleeping

What to think about before sleeping

Today, I am going to tell you about the things that you have to apply in your life to live a happy life.

We are too busy in our lives and forget about real life. Every new day is full of problems, distractions for us. We are just running and we don't know where we are going and where is our destination.

But when we go to the bed at night for sleep our mind relaxes and is comfortable. Whatever you said to him he will admit and store it at that time.

That's why you have to give these instructions to your brain daily.  when you do it daily it will fix your brain and your life become better day by day.

My brain and body are relaxed and I am happy because today is a very good day for me, I did all my work with full passion, my today is far better than yesterday and I am very thankful to Allah for this day and I believed that my tomorrow is far better than today, I am very happy and feel amazing, I don't have any problems. I believed that everything I have today will lead to success in the future. This whole universe is helping me and making me a better human being. Everything that happened to me is for a good purpose.  Everyone around me is a very good person. I feel happy when I help others. I don't have any problem with anyone. My mind is not on yesterday but on tomorrow's opportunity. I love everyone and everyone loves me. I am very soft-hearted. I am responsible for my life. I believed in myself and I feel proud of myself. I am very happy about my success. I will collect much success in the future. My dream is to become good for myself and also for others. I want to do something that people will remember me forever and I believed that I will do something big. I went to sleep and forget all my things and now I am ready to sleep. I will wake up tomorrow with new passion and commitment and start a new life. Success will call me himself.

Basically, If we combine all the things we come to know that be happy what we have and live happily. Thank Allah, give you more and more and you don't even know where these things are coming from.

Work hard and focus on yourself and increase your effort day by day, don't think about failure because failure is a part of success. If you don't fail then something went wrong because no one in this world succeeds without failure.

Reminds these things daily and tries to act like this in your daily life. Try to talk about ideas and surround yourself with the people who want to succeed and never think about distractions.

I also apply these things in my life and now my life is amazing and I am very happy with everything. Just try at least one time and you will realize how good this habit is.

Gratitude before bed:

Gratitude is the habit the leads you to success in life. According to research people who have a habit of gratitude are particularly happier and successful people. When you go to bed at night you are very tired because of whole day work and most of the people are depressed because of problems in their life. Remind everything at night and thank Allah for everything in life. Sometimes we think why did this happen to me? but trust me later we will come t know that everything happens for good reason.

Let me tell you the story that happen to me.

I and my friends passed matric with good grades and we decide to take admission in one college. When we give tests I failed and my all friends passed although we all have good grades in matric, it is what it is. They got admission. I am very sad and think why this happens to me but still, I know later I will be happy because of this situation. I gave a test to another college and I got admission but still, I am sad because my friends are not there. After two years When the results come I got an A Grade and my all friends got low grades and I come to know that decision is better for me because I got admission to my friend's college I was never learning or working hard for papers. I play with my friends who day and my grades will low. Allah thinks better for me and later I know it and I am thanking Allah for everything every day.

Build a habit of Gratitude and you will realize how quickly you will become successful.

Friends, Work hard day in and day out and never depend on anyone because you have to take every ride alone. You are the only one who needs success and believe you can do everything. Think like a champion, work as a champion, Act like a champion, and Attitude like a champion makes you the best. Love is everything, believe me, if you love your work you will enjoy it and results will come. Life is a journey and everyone is living it. Do something in your life that people will remember you when died. The biggest goal in the world is to do something for the society and the country. I become very happy when I help someone and I am pretty sure you also feel the same when you help someone. remember one thing in your life whenever someone asks for your help, either money or some other kind of help. Help them at any cost, believe me if you help them, their pray is enough for you to become successful.

Hope you understand what I convey to you, do something good every day in the life, sit and relax. 

Thank you!

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