knowledge is power

knowledge is power

                       knowledge is power

Intelligent are those who are quick at learning and specialist are those who do work quickly.

I'm this world everyone thinks that people who get a high degree are intelligent and he knows everything and on the other hand people who just pass matric is useless in front of a high degree person.

Is this true?

I think not. 

Then the question arises of who is more knowledgeable.

Let me tell you.

Sukrat is a very famous person and has a deep knowledge of many things.

Once a person comes and asks Sukrat, what do you think is more knowledgeable?

He said In my opinion, The person who takes a decision at the right time and helps other people and does things that benefit society is knowledgeable.

This whole story tells us that degree doesn't make you knowledge but a good manner, helping others and right decision at the right time makes you knowledgeable.

People who face problems in small age are more knowledgeable than a big young man who is just sitting in his home.

If you want to become successful you have to work hard and never give up.

Set your goals and work hard until you get them.

Travel and save knowledge because knowledge saves you when problems come.

Every successful person is very intelligent because he knows what to do because of his knowledge.

Knowledge is power and I think this is 100% true.

Through knowledge, you can achieve great success in every field. It can change your past with a great future. I also said that Knowledge is power, when you work hard and give everything to get authentic knowledge in your field, you will also make more money because everyone wants to work with you and they give money of your choice.

People who have good knowledge never argue with foolish people, they have done their work on time and live a happy life, Knowledge also makes you happy.

Knowledge only becomes power when it applies, what does that mean?

Knowledge can be a scene in your behavior when someone saw him gets a feeling of a great gentleman and an amazing person.

But Remember when you know something good, always tell people and benefit society. when you tell someone you also get respect from people around you.

Half knowledge is very dangerous for you. so, it is compulsory to get full knowledge about something. Half knowledge destroys you from inner peace because when you question something from your mind and you don't get an answer your peace will go, and one more important thing is never tell anyone false and half knowledge on any topic.

I read about many successful peoples but I found one common thing in all of them.

They read books.

It means that they get knowledge from books and apply it to themselves and that is what makes them so successful.

I also personally recommend you to read books about a successful personal life and adapt their habits because habits are the key to success.

Set your goals and start working on them, get full knowledge about your goals, and work hard to achieve them at any cost.

Friends, you don't how much people are working hard for their dreams and you are watching tv or playing Pubg on your mobile. The fun fact is that we are playing games on mobile and smart people making money from their mobile, Amazing.


The Conclusion is, Knowledge is power when you applied, Dream big, work hard, get full knowledge and do whatever to become a successful person in the world.


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