There are 7 Ways to Calm your Mind

how calm your mind

       There are 7 Ways to Calm your Mind

Once upon a time, Suqrat is traveling with his students. They stop somewhere and ask the one student that goes to that lake and bring some water.

He said Ok.

When he goes he saw people are washing their clothes and some horses are crossing the lake and make the water dirty.

Because of horses dust comes up in the water and makes water dirtier.

He thinks why I take that water to my teacher and friends because this is dirty.

He didn't take water and go back and said to Suqrat that the Water is dirty.

Siqrat said Ok, We stay here for 30 minutes at the tree and then carry on over destination.

After 15 minutes Suqrat asks a person again that go to the lake and take some water from there.

A person said in mind that water is dirty but in honor of teacher he went to the lake.

And you know what he saw?

The lake is clear, Calm and the water is clean, he was shocked.

He takes some water and goes back to the teacher and gives them.

When Suqrat is drinking water he was smiling and said Son: You know what happens to that lake.

You give some time to take and look lake is clean now and dust in the water is down now because of time.

Friends, This is a lesson for all of us, Always take time to yourself and be calm and never take decisions when you're angry.

Everything takes time and when you give to yourself you become an amazing person.

Whenever you were angry go to an empty place where you only saw nature, calm your mind there, and Thank God for everything you had.

When you do that your mind thinks positively again and your feelings change and you think like a different person and this is the best way to calm your mind.

There are 7 ways to calm your mind.

how calm your mind

1. Breathe:

When you were angry take a long breathe. when you take a long breathe your mind will calm down and you feel good.

2. Mind Calm:

Always think that you are calm because your mind works according to your attitude, if you think you are calm then you become calm, and if you think not you get angrier.

3. Listen to Music:

Music is also a way to calm your mind. Most people listen to music when their mood is not good. listen to your favorite music also calm you and feel happy and good.

4. Change the Focus:

It means if you're angry and your mind thinking bad thoughts then change focus, which means do other works or play a game, reading a book, do exercise, etc. It will also make you calm and quiet.

5. Talk to Friends:

If you have good friends you have the world. good friends are best to happen to someone because it will make your life easy. they give you ideas that you don't even think of. I mean if you have good friends talk to them and they will calm you automatically.

6. Coldwater:

Take cold water and splash it on your face. It looks funny but it calms you so quickly try it and you feel it works.

7. Smell Flowers:

The smelling flower is also one of the best ways to calm your mind. Take a flower smell it with full feeling and it will make you calm and cool.

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