How to deal with negative people


         How to deal with Negative people

Friends, every day you met people who are negative-minded, and their talking and behavior harm you.

the world is full of negative people and these don't make you happy and create problems for you.

Today I will tell you how to deal with negative people around you.

Expectation level:


Imagine, You want to buy a phone and you go to the market and you a buy a 2nd phone from the most famous shop market.

But when you come home and check the phone completely, you found some problems and someone tells you that you pay the high cost.

You are heartbroken and you say why he sell me the bad phone.

But If you this phone from your friends and the same thing happens, your heart broke more because you don't think that your friend does this to you.

Actually, Our expectations make us harm not others. don't expect anything from anyone because in this world everyone is thinking about himself.

First know people completely then deal with people according to themselves. when you do this you live a happy life.

Let me tell you one more story that will clear your thinking.


Once upon a time Cheetah and donkey are talking about grass. The donkey said Grass is blue and the cheetah said grass is green. Both are arguing heavenly, someone said to go to the king and they will solve your problem

Both went to Lion the king of the jungle. The donkey started and said your majesty you know the grass is blue. Lion said yes grass is blue.


What's the problem?

The donkey said cheetah said grass is green and he is arguing with me.

Lion ordered the 5 years silence for cheetah and said to the donkey ok go now.

Donkey returns back saying loudly grass is blue.

When he gone Cheetah said to Lion why you punish me?

The grass is green everybody knows.

Lion said Yes grass is green.

I didn't punish because of grass, I punish you because you are arguing with foolishness. You are a Cheetah, is it good to argue with a Foolish donkey.

What's the lesson?

Never argue with foolish people who don't even know what the matter is and start selling their things.

Silently Pass away from Foolish people and be happy.

This is how you deal with negative people.

Look Positive side:

Positive side

Both positive and negative people live in this world. When someone talks bad to you and you become sad why you talk about that thing to your relatives and friends it makes you sadder. leave that thing. Everyone has a good side and a bad side but it is better to focus on the positive side because you know when you think about the bad side you become sad. 

We can't change the world but ourselves. Everyone has the authority to do whatever they think.

Makes you happy and never expects anything from anyone. Remember Look at the positive side of everything if you want to be happy in life.

This is how you deal with negative people.

Make Good Friends: 

Good Friends

There are always some people around you who care about you and never tell you that they care about you but they care. Find those people and came close to them Good friends are the best thing that ever happens to anyone. Good friends give you good ideas and solve your problems. so, it is necessary to make good friends.

This is how you deal with negative people.


The Conclusion is, Work hard and do your own work, never expect anything from anyone. Every day look for positive things and get rid of negative people. Make friends who give you rich ideas and help you to fulfill your dreams. Run towards as cheetah run towards is food. Dream big and do whatever to achieve it.

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