Micheal Jordan real life inspirational story

Micheal Jordan real life inspirational story

     Micheal Jordan real life inspirational story

Friends, We all know who's Micheal Jordan. The best basketball player of all time.

He won:

2 Olympic Gold medals.

6 NBA Championships.

14 MVP Awards.

He is also known as the God of Basketball.

Today I will tell you the secret of Micheal Jordan Success and why he is so successful and what qualities make him the best of all time.

He was born in 1963 in Brooklyn. His family was so poor, They are 4 Brothers and the daily needs of their home are very difficult.

One day Michael Jordan's father called him and said Son what do you think, How much does this shirt cost?

He said $1.

Dad said ok Good.

Take this shirt and sell this shirt for 2 Dollars on the Market.

He said ok.

He never thinks, how I sell $1 in $2. He only thinks how I sell this shirt is $2.

This mentality is the secret of Micheal Jordan Success.

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If you want to become successful never think that it's impossible always take it away and think about how you can do it.

Believe in yourself and you will see how things get done in a good way.

Michael Jordan first wash the shirt and then press it and went straight to the market for selling.

No one is ready to take a shirt for $2 but he never loses hope and works hard continuously. After 8 hours he met a person in the railway station who buy his shirt for 2 dollars.

He went straight to his house and said to his father I sell it and here is the money.

His Father said very good son.

Another day his Father call him and said son, how much this shirt cost.

He said $1.

Father said ok good.

Now go to the market and sell this for $20.

If we were there we said this is a joke, impossible. How I sell a $1 shirt of $20.

Now Michael Jordan starts thinking how can I sell this shirt.

His mind click and he got an idea, he went straight to his friend and ask him for a Mickey mouse sticker and paste that Mickey mouse sticker on his shirt very cleaning, after doing that he went to the parking of School where rich people children studying.

He said loudly that who wants to buy a Mickey mouse sticker. 

one child wants to buy and ask his dad I want this shirt. His father was a rich man and buy a shirt of $20 and gave a tip of $5.

If you have a belief you can do it.

Michael Jordan went to his home and hand over $25 to his father. Father becomes so happy and said you will do a big thing in the Future I know.

Again one day his father called him and said how much did this shirt cost?

He said $1.

His father said last time you sell a shirt for $20, Now sell this shirt for $200.

He didn't say how I do it.

He starts walking on a street and thinking about how I sell this shirt.

He saw someone is reading a newspaper on the bench, he came close and read in the newspaper that the press conference of a famous Hollywood actress held tomorrow.

Her actress's name is Farah.

He went to that press conference and came close to Farah in a short time because of his small age.

He said to Farah that please sign an autograph for me.

Because he is a child Farrah didn't refuse and sign that shirt.

Now he takes that shirt to the market and makes a small stall and Starts calling everyone.

Hollywood actress Farah autograph shirt only for $200.

Everyone came close to him and ask him to give him a shirt.

1st said $100, 2nd said $200, 3rd Said $500, 4th Said $1000 and someone from behind said $2000.

He sells that shirt for $2000 and takes the money home and handover to his dad.

When his father saw it he becomes so so happy and said Son, You will do everything you want.

And we all know what happens in the future, he calls as the God of Basketball 🏀.

He made so many records that people are working hard to broke but they are still there.

He is successful because of his mentality and attitude.

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Friends, Nothing is impossible just you have to start, when you start something you will achieve 100% if you don't stop.

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