when life gets hard remember these things

when life gets hard

     When life gets hard remember these things

Live the present moment:

Live the present moment
when life gets hard remember everything that comes into your life for some reason, enjoy every moment of your life because it will never happen again. I saw many people saying what a time that was.  we all want to be happy but sometimes things happen and we are sad bt the time is continuously clocking so it's better to enjoy everything in life whether good or bad.

Always be grateful:

Always be grateful

In life, always be grateful whatever happens and especially when life gets hard because it is real-time to test you whether you thank Allah for everything or don't. when you thank Allah for everything he will give you more. people who thank Allah for everything live a happy life and their solves quickly because they believe in Allah. 

Enjoy life:

Enjoy life
I saw most of the people when a problem comes, they behave like a sick mentality man, but we have to enjoy every moment because these problems have come to strengthen us, face them and become wise and enjoy. we all know we only live once so enjoy. once I was passing by a road I saw many people who have no problem they are all happy, actually, it was a graveyard. only dead people have no problem so why you are not enjoying, problems are the reason you are living. Find things that make you happy.  

Don’t compare yourself to others:

Don’t compare yourself to others

In this world, everyone is comparing themselves to others but how your chapter no 1 is compared to someone chapter no 20. we can't compare the sun with the moon because they shine when their time. word hard and take stairs you will become successful one day, sometimes life gets hard but this is time to prove yourself.

Nothing is impossible:

Nothing is impossible

when life gets hard and you are not seeing anything. Believe that Allah has a better plan for you and nothing is impossible for him, just keep up the hard work and trying you will see results when you don't even expect them. many people don't see results in two months and give and Usain bolt practice 20 years to make a world record, people who believe in their dream will get it one day.   

Accept Your Mistakes:

Accept Your Mistakes

when life gets hard there is the reason why life gets hard, so accept your mistake first and then try again, most people don't accept their mistakes and makes excuses and they have not become successful but at the other end, people who accept their mistakes and work hard on it become successful and the world is full these peoples who accept and becomes the best.  

Read Success stories:

Read Success stories
When life gets hard read success stories of all successful because it will give you extra motivation to keep going, success people write many things in their how they react when life gets hard, many people succeed by reading books and stories because it will give you ideas that make easy for you to deal.

Rich people habits:

Rich people habits
when life gets hard build rich people habits in yourself. For example wake up early, running, exercise, reading books, have good gatherings, test your mind for new ideas. when you do this for 15 days you will clearly see a change in yourself and your all problems will be gone.


Overall, when life gets hard always remember Allah is with you. work hard and pray everything will be fine. read success stories and try to meet successful people and talk to them and it gives you motivation, makes good friends and share your problems with them, they will give you good ideas.

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