Best Life changing stories

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      Best Life changing stories

Today I will tell you 4 amazing life changing stories.

1: Peaceful painting.
2: love yourself.
3: Change your thinking.
4: Don't act like a Monkey.

Peaceful Painting:

Peaceful Painting

Once upon a time Art gallery owner announced a competition, whoever makes a peaceful Painting wins $10 million. Price is too big when everyone listens in the world want to win this competition because of his price. Everyone sends paintings all over the world, Judges select the top 100 paintings and call those 100 Painters to see who gonna win, they also invited the media and people to see who is the best peaceful painter.

Every Painting is amazing so it is difficult to select who is the best, but the judges finally select the painting and cover it.

Everyone was waiting for who is the luckiest person, when the cover was removed everyone was shocked because the painting is not showing peace.

But they think maybe this was a mistake by the owner. so, some painters went to the owner and said maybe you made a mistake but the owner said no it is the best painting and judges select it. Painters get angry. Media also went to the owner and give an explanation.

But the owner smiled and said: Did you watch closely?

Go and watch closely the painting is amazing.

In the painting, everything is destroyed but a single house is also in painting in which a man watching a whole thing with peace and he has a smile on his face.

The owner said just look at him he is watching with peace.

Real peace is not what we are seeing in nature but in man's heart.

If man's heart is in peace he will be in peace everywhere.

If a man's heart is not in peace wherever you will go he will not be in peace.

The real peace is in their heart and this man's face is telling how much he is in peace.

It is First Life changing the story for you.

Love yourself:

Love yourself

Ones upon a time a man is living in a village and a big mountain is near the village, he regularly went to the top of a mountain but one day his son also said to him I also go with you, firstly his father said No but his son is not accepting so his father finally said ok.

both were going to the mountain they saw a big rock, his father knows about rock but his son's leg hit the rock and the son shouts because he feels injured, the son is shocked to see that someone is calling him but he doesn't know in mountains you can hear your voice when your shouts.

He again said loudly why you are disrespecting me?

He gets angry then his father said loudly I love you.

Son shocked they are loving my father but not me.

His father knows what he was feeling so he tells him in the mountains whatever you say you will hear again and it's your voice.

He went to the top of the mountain and said I love you.

Now son knows the real secret 💖.

What do we learn from this?

we learn that our mind works according to us, if we think good in return we get good just like this kid get love when he loudly said I love you.

Always think positive and make yourself happy and successful.

It is the second Life changing story for you.

Change your thinking:

Change your thinking

There is a village in which a very good man living who solved people's problems and makes them happy.

Near the village a big city in which a rich man living, he is so famous and his relations with bug peoples, he hears from many that in a village there is a man who is very good for the people's.

He wants to meet him and check who he is, one day he went to the village and meet him but a man is talking to another man so he doesn't see rich man, rich man always takes standing ovation from the people where ever he goes so gets angry that why he did not stand for me.

He want to talk to him but a man replied wait for a second when I finish my talking I will give your answer, he gets angrier.

Then he said to a good man you are fake you are not helping people I will tell the whole world.

A good man smile and said I am not worried about that.

the rich man said sorry me whether I will tell you who I am.

A good man said you are a wonderful man, I like you.

Now rich man smile and went back home.

He straight went to his dad and he is smiling, his dad asked what happened.

He tells dad the whole story of what happened.

His dad smiled and said, he is a very good man because he deals with you like he is but you deal with him like you are.

so, This world is based on your thinking, if you think good this world is good, if you think bad this world is bad.

It is the third Life changing story for you.

Don't act like a monkey:

like a monkey

One day scientists do an experiment with 5 monkeys, they lock 5 monkeys in one box and lie bananas on top, and made stairs to catch bananas for monkeys.

When a monkey goes to catch bananas they through cold water on them.

All 5 monkeys try but end up with nothing because they threw cold water on them.

Monkey thinks whenever they try to catch bananas cold water comes so they decide no one will catch bananas.

Now scientists change one monkey with a new monkey.

The new monkey tries to catch bananas but the other 4 monkeys hit him really hard and stop him to catch bananas, this time no cold water is thrown on them but they don't allow him to catch bananas, the new monkey thinks it's not allowed to catch bananas.

Now Scientists change a monkey with the other 4 monkeys, now 2 monkeys are new.

new monkey tries to catch bananas they stop him and hit hard and no cold water is thrown on them but they still stop them and the new monkey also thinks it's not allowed to catch bananas.

Scientists change all monkeys and all monkeys do the same but they don't know why they are doing this and not eating bananas.

In this world, 90% of people are like monkeys they don't why they are following trends of past but they do, so firstly research and know why you are doing something whether is good or not then do it.

It is the fourth Life changing story for you, hope you enjoyed it and get valuable knowledge.

Thank you.

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