9 Effective ways to increase brain power

      9 Effective ways to increase brain power

If we talk about the most powerful things in the world, 

what comes to your mind?

A Missile, Atom Bomb, hydrogen bomb, etc but these are not the powerful things in the world.

The answer is Our Brain and people call it the most powerful weapon in the world.

But a wise man said: A powerful weapon fails if you don't know how to use it.

Allah Made the brain and there is nothing in the world that can beat the brain power because the brain is unbeatable.  But in today's world's people use the brain for the wrong purposes and they don't get benefit from it. If people use it wisely they will become what they want and their dreams become reality but they are hurting themselves day by day.

Today I am going to give you a very important lesson,

1: 20,20,20 principle:

The brain tells us that after working for 20 minutes watch 20 seconds far away because they can relax eyes muscles and according to research when our eyes muscles tires our mind confused and we can't focus on our work so after s20 minutes take rest and see the nature and then focus on your work. 

2: Big thinking:

The brain power tells us that big thing all the time because small thinking and small things make you loser, Always be happy and if you lose get up and don't worry because time will be another chance, be like the legend Muhammad Ali He said that:

I Never lose either I won or learn something.

The brain tells us to take 75% of the things in life positively and according to research people who take 75% of their life positively they are happy than others and there is life become beautiful so think big and positive.

3: Talk to me:

Our brain tells us I have a solution to every problem talk to me like a third person.

What does it mean?

It means to talk to yourself and call your name because it will make it easy for the brain to solve the problem and your heart is not in between them.

4: I have a lot of power:

Our mind says I have a lot of power if I ask you how much your Mobile storage?

8gb,32gb,64GB, or 128GB but according to recent research our mind stores 25 lakh GB of data.

Our mind is just like a mystery if we think of good and positive things our life changes very quickly because the mind plays an important role in everything.

5: Healthy diet:

The mind demands a healthy diet from us, our mind is made up of 70% of fats and if we give him dry fruits it will function very well according to research people who eat 28grams dry fruits daily are much better than others and successful, the brain is a weapon so use it wisely.

6: Good friends:

Good friends played a vital role in a person's life, our mind also says that meet people who you like because it will give you extra-strength and these people are your power, so meet your friends or family members each day.

7: Sleep well:

Our mind needs rest because the mind works day and night when we even sleep if we want to drink water our mind sends the signal to hand then it works, mind controls all the body, gives rest to your brain, and spends some time in good weather and greenery places.

8: Playing Games:

Playing games or doing exercise is a great way to treat brain because when we play our body also works and we maintain the best condition, people nowadays stop playing games on the ground and start playing games on mobile, laptop and computer, but we have to encourage people again to play games and do exercise daily in the morning.

9: Reading books:

we all know that knowledge is power and knowledge is the food of our brain power, when any ask you about something how do you answer him when you don't know the answer so read books and get knowledge because you can beat anyone in this world with knowledge.


The brain is the most powerful weapon in the world if you use it wisely, many people use this wisely and become great people but it is not easy to use it wisely you need strength, good thinking, and many more but if you know the secret of using brain wisely no one can beat you.

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