Always show Gratitude be thankful

be thankful

       Always show Gratitude be thankful

You have to be thankful, you have to build this habit in your life "Gratitude" is the greatest habit.

I developed this habit and I want you all to develop this habit.

Always be thankful to those who supported you in bad times.

when you don't have a car you think buying a car is a big achievement but when you have a car you think it's easy same as when you don't have a lakh rupees monthly income you think it is difficult but when you have you think it's very easy.

I am going to tell you the story of "Charles plumb" the hero of the Vietnam mission.

He won many fights for Vietnam but one day his plane crash and he survives hardly.

after some years he was doing dinner at the hotel, the waiter comes and said are you Charles plumb?

You are the hero of the Vietnam mission, he said yes I am Charles plumb.

who are you?

He said sir you don't remember me but I was the man who ties your parachute last time when your plane crash.

Charles plumb stands and hugs him and said you are the reason I am still alive.

Man always be thankful 💖 and become successful

Yesterday I met my friend who is in hospital, I said to him what was your problem?

he said my finger is not working he is dead.

I said what happened next?

how much do they want?

he said 500$.

what does that mean?

Allah gives us a whole body but we are not thanking him.

we realize when bad things happen to us.

500$ for just a finger and Allah gives us all the body free but we are not thankful.

I saw many people saying why this happened to me? why I am fail?

these people are always why why why?

Always be thankful, you will get everything you want but remember when you get it to be thankful.

According to research people who are thankful for everything, lives a happy life, be thankful and work hard for dreams. 

In this world, every successful are thankful for what he has. build a habit of thanking Allah and it will change your life.


The conclusion is to be happy, work hard and be thankful for everything.

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