Steve Jobs success secrets

steve jobs success secrets

               steve jobs success secrets

Friends everyone has a bad time in life but some people change bad times to good times with their hard work, dedication, and patience. when life pushes you hardly remember you are a lion and the lion takes one step back when they jump, so it's better you are losing because you are at least doing something. many people are just talking and don't do any work.

never give up because you are a champion and try again and again and pray to Allah for everything, when you pray you will do things that you do not even expect.

steve jobs said:

I have 15 crore rupees when I am 23 and 50 crore when I was 24 and 150 crore when I am 25. If you see I become a millionaire in 3 years but I work hard day and night before, so making your dreams come true is not easy you have to work hard day and night without sleep and for you, only things matter is a success.

There are many peoples who work hard and become successful, we all know who is Messi and Ronaldo. they work hard for their and now they are considered as the goats of football.

If you want to make your name in lights then work hard like them and apply their habits in your life and you become 100% successful.

              Steve Jobs Success Secrets:



Steve job is very focus man, he did all his work with focus in his life that's why he makes Apple a successful company. he always said if you want that your dreams come true just focus on one thing and the one thing is your goal. Focus is important in everything in life because if you don't do work with focus you can't achieve victory in that. Bill gates made Microsoft because he focus on that and not failures, if you check all successful they all have one common thing. They all fail many times in their life and people call them mental patients so don't focus on people focus on goals because when you become successful money speaks.

Daily habits:

Daily habits

According to steve jobs and all successful people, daily habits make them successful early because when you get up early it becomes a habit and starts your work it will give you courage and motivation to carry on. some daily habits are very important in life and all successful have these habits.

1: Wake up early.

2: Pray 5 times.

3: reading books.

4: Reading newspaper.

5: Try to find new ideas.

6: Research.

7: Running and exercise.

8: Good food and fruit.

9: Sleep early.

Think rich:

Think rich

Think rich means thinking about success and never think that if you fail because if you think you will fail you will fail definitely. our mind magically if you tell them I will become successful he works as a successful man. if you don't have money to spend and you feel guilty remember everyone comes to this world empty. believe in yourself and do whatever you want to do and never feel ashamed because one day people tell everyone how this man become successful and then poor people also get motivation from you. 

Follow your passion:

Follow your passion

Do what you love because if you don't do what you love you will never become successful. if you want to become a doctor, become a doctor if an engineer becomes an engineer. everyone has the power to become what he want. following a passion is the main rule if you are doing something that you don't like then please don't do that and become your boss and do what you love and make your dreams come true

Surround yourself with Good people:

Surround yourself with Good people

All successful said to surround themselves with good people because they give you extra courage and motivation. when Mark Zuckerburg the founder of Facebook calls his 5 friends to come home only 2 friends respond and come now they are billionaires. that's why every successful said to surround yourself with good people. they give you ideas and many more and these types of people are very important in life.


The conclusion is to read about successful people and apply their rules in life and become successful in life and make your dreams come true.

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