Control your mind, Control your life

Control your mind

         Control your mind, control your life

Friends, did you know? Brain control 97% of people but Allah made us control brain but the situation is different brain control us. People who don't control his mind then life is also not in control.

In this world sometimes our heart doesn't ready to do something like wake up early, exercise, nook reading, etc, and also there are something that our heart is always ready to do like movies, friends gathering, going to food street, travel, etc.

People know that cigarette is harmful to them but they still doing that because their mind controls them.

Remember our brain is the most powerful thing if you control it wisely he will make you and if not he will destroy you, so control your mind.

Man if you have control over your mind you will 100% become successful because you know what to do and if not you will make excuses your whole life and become lazy day by day and the day come when you forget your dreams and you live for nothing.

Successful people always control their mind and their mind works how they tell him.

Imagine your brain is a car and you are sitting in the back seat of the car and your driver is driving a car, if he is not a good driver and not focus on driving he will definitely hit a car somewhere and your lives will in danger, just like that your driver is good he knows how to drive a car and he controls a car then you will never be in dangered because you know how to control brain.

Control your mind tips:

Control your mind tips

Control your thoughts:

Control your thoughts

Everyone has bad days in life but sometimes we can't control our thoughts and think bad about the world and ourselves. but it is not the right thing because our mind works how we think if we think bad, actually bad happens so control it and think good and be happy. bad times come in everyone's life but strong people go through it and become wise.

Talk to yourself:

Talk to yourself

Talking to yourself is the best way to get things right because you are the person who knows what is right for you. when talking to yourself always call your name, which means say, Zain what are you doing?. when you call your name it will hit differently in your head and the result is also better.

Positive Thinking:

Positive Thinking

When things going bad and you can't control your mind, think always about the positive side of the image. I know it's hard to look at a positive image when things going wrong but you have to do it because you are a champion and a champion never fails. everything has its positive image find it and focus because p[ositive thinking makes you a good personality and wise and your problems will solve.

Talk to good friends:

good friends

It means you better know who is better for you, talk to them about problems. Good friends are the best therapist, they know all about you and you don't hesitate to tell them they will give you ideas you don't ever think of, but remember I mean good friends not a friend who is good at your face and bad at your behind.

Forgive everyone:

Forgive everyone

Remember you are a champion, forgive everyone who is bad to you because it will make you wise and a good heart man. when you forgive everyone they become your friends better than your real friends and they will fight for you whenever you were in trouble. forgiveness is the best thing that you have ever done.

Help Poors:

Help Poors

When your days are not going good and you have bad thoughts,  find poor people in your area and give them food, money and also talk to them, when you talk you realize how lucky you are. when you do this your heart and brain become calm and you become happy and forget your problems.

Believe in yourself:

Believe in yourself

In this world, people did big things because of their belief in themselves, whenever you have problems believe in yourself that you can get out of it and become a champion.


The overall conclusion is, Always think good about everything and help others. Mak good friends and keep them close. believe in yourself that you can do everything in life.


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