Consistency is the key to success


         Consistency Is The Key To Success

Consistency is the key to success | you can achieve everything in this world by applying the rule consistency.

I am going to tell you about the biggest benefit of Consistency.

The world's biggest river is Amazon and you will shock when I will tell you that this river's starting area is a mountain mouth and every 8-second one drop is added to that river. 

only one drop😳 in 8 seconds is still the biggest river in the world.

And you know why this river becomes the biggest river even after 8 seconds of drop, Because of Consistency.

Nothing is impossible in this world, be consistent.

Consistency is the key to success and it is also the number one quality of all successful people. 

If you go to the gym and work on yourself for 30 minutes and then see yourself in the mirror what happens? Nothing.

you go to the gym 3,4 days and work and then see yourself in the mirror what happens? nothing and you quit, most of the people did same.

We all brush our teeth two times a day what happens? nothing.

but if we brush our teeth for 1 year regularly it will do something.

That's called consistency.

you know if a rope touches again and again on the rock it will leave a line.

man if a drop of water drop consistent on the rock it will break the rock into two pieces.

Be consistent and practice it will create miracles in your life.

If you are good, bad or anything just build a habit of consistency in your life.

when you have consistency in your life, your self-belief is so high and anything is so easy for you in life.

many people forget their dreams Because they don't have self-discipline. they think Success comes from 1,2 day of hard work and it is the biggest of all time.

if you want to succeed you have to work smart and with consistency.

Consistency Quote

For example:

If you are a soccer player and you don't know how to shoot a free-kick and one day you accidentally shoot a free-kick goal that doesn't mean you are a master of it. you become master when you shoot 10 shots out of 10 in goal.

there are many stories about consistency.

we all know about Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Usain bolt they all become successful because of consistency.

Usain bolt said I trained for over 19 years to set the record of the fastest man on the planet.

We people just see their achievements not their hard work with consistency.

One's a Real Madrid player comes to training early to impress the coach but he saw Cristiano Ronaldo already running and practice.

 That's how they become successful.

Lionel Messi is small in height than others but Messi's hard work with consistency makes him the world's best player of all time.

Man, it's your time to set records and make a legacy just like they did but it is all done with consistency.

Let me clarify your mind on consistency with one more example.


When most of the people go to the gym on the first day and do some workout and come back to the home and see on the mirror and obviously nothing happens because one day can't make you good. They do the workout on gym 3,4 days and see on the mirror nothing happens, they quit because they don't know about consistency. On the other hand, a person who is addicted to workouts has good health and body because he is consistent.

We brush our teeth two times a day, nothing happens if we brush just for 2,3 days but if we brush for a whole year our teeth look white and that is called consistency.

Friends, If water drop in the exact same position on a rock a whole day, It will create a hole in a rock.

"Bill Gates" is one of the successful people in this world by works hard with consistency. some people just saw his success but not his struggle. so, the point is you are alone in the struggle and everyone comes to you at success. work hard and do it alone and enjoy the world with your loved ones.

let me tell you the schedule of how you can achieve your goals by consistency.

Consistency is the key to success

First, you have to know what is your passion and why you are doing that work. people even don't know what to do in life and they are just going to the office for a job and then back and sleep and Don't even think if they can do work for the boss then why not for themselves. if you really want to achieve something, after office give time to yourself and work on your goal which you have forgotten in past. It's a bitter truth everyone wants money in this world and wants to live a luxury life and I think the internet is the best thing to earn from home after office, learn some skills and Start working and also a website or a blog website from which you can earn money. This is the best way to earn money and get rich, But remember the Internet needs consistent work.


The key to success is Consistency.


Consistency always leads to excellence. whatever you do in life, be consistent.


Consistent action creates consistent results.

Thank you.

Muhammad Zain ul Abideen

I am Muhammad Zain ul Abideen, who writes motivational articles and makes videos to keep motivated people worldwide.


  1. this was one of the most inspirational i ever had read. I really love Your concept of writing

  2. Am very dispersed bcz of life. That am not able to do anything. But by reading this article, I feel like by applying such consistency in my life. I achieve one of the platform that I want. Thanks sir for motivating us❤️💯💯💯

  3. Amazing, Article. i realkly enjoy and motivated by reading this level

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