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mobile phone addiction

The mobile phone is one of the best things that has ever happened to human beings. People not only use mobile phones for contacting others but also making money from it and on the other hand, some people use it as a waste of time by doing nothing and just for scrolling. 

Be motivated  all the time and always think of new things

 Freinds someone said 

mobile phone companies are rich day by day and people become poor day by day. Big companies make money and people are wasting their precious time The phone is smart day by day and people are mental day by day. The phone is launched bigger and bigger every year but it makes people's minds shorter and shorter. so friend leaves this habit otherwise he will destroy you and your mind. Todays, cheaper phones and cheaper packages make you cheap. A mobile phone is good when you use it for a good purpose but if you use it for a bad purpose he will use you and control your life 

Today's the grounds are empty outside and no one is there to play because everyone is at home playing on mobile. The reality is Friends, you are not playing on mobile, mobile is playing with you. Have you ever seen when you open your mobile for work but when it's open you are doing other work on it and after spending 1  hour on mobile you forget why you open your mobile. 87% people spend 30 to 60 minutes on mobile before going to sleep at night, 

According to scientists it is dangerous for health and 80% of people check their phones when they woke up, now tell me it is addiction or not?

Wasting of time

Mobile applications are designed that way people spend most of the time on these apps Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and youtube these all apps eat your time just like a Tiger catch its target.

The apps and their notifications destroy your important time. The mobile phone was made for calling but now it is used for messaging, video uploading, video call, and many more. Today people use mobile for other works rather than calling.

Freinds remember, 

I am not asking you to stop using a mobile phone but I am asking you to use them for good purposes. People earn a lot of money by using this mobile phone and collecting information and becoming successful day by day. and also some people use it for bad purposes and ruin their lives. So, friend changes your habits and stop using mobile phones for wasting of time and invest this time in other works and become successful in life.

The conclusion is that work hard for your dreams and don't waste your precious time on social media. When time goes it never comeback

what you are waiting for?

The world never stops for anyone, thousands of people come and thousands of people go but it never stops. Freinds You have to walk alone if you want to become something

Hope you are motivated now and get what I said.

Thank you

Muhammad Zain ul Abideen

I am Muhammad Zain ul Abideen, who writes motivational articles and makes videos to keep motivated people worldwide.

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